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Review: Hellraiser The Toll (Spoiler Free)

Review: Hellraiser The Toll (Spoiler Free)

Clive Barker fans know, and hopefully have made peace with the fact the he will never follow every thread, write every sequel or even finish every book or story he’s begun. Thankfully, we have Mark Miller and his awesome team at Seraphim Films / Seraphim Ink, to help us fill...READ MORE...

151 : Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Special

Thanks for joining us again at the Clive Barker Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to the works and worlds of Clive Barker.   This is Episode 151 : Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Celebration!  Jose Leitao, and I (Ryan Danhauser) are joined by Danny Stewart, who worked on the Leviathan Documentary, and is...READ MORE...