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A Treasure Trove of Clive Barker Art Added to the Webstore

A true treasure trove of Clive Barker artwork has been added for sale on the webstore, RealCliveBarker.com. As usual they’ve unveiled exciting, brand new and never-before-seen sketches and paintings to the webstore, but it’s not these that are making my head feel like it’s about to explode Scanners style. Indeed...READ MORE...

Clive Barker Works For Sale in Dunedin, NZ

Hello Friends: Dunedin’s Fe29 Gallery (New Zealand) is hosting an exhibition comprising more than 30 drawings and paintings (for sale) by Clive Barker. Otago Daily Times photographer Sam Henderson met Clive Barker in 2004 and worked for him for a time, photographing and archiving his extensive artistic output. As a result,...READ MORE...

New Clive Barker Sketches

Over at the Revelations Facebook page they’ve posted some new sketches that Clive Barker has done for the Galleri Oxholm that’s coming up very soon in Denmark. I really love Clive’s sketch work because they have such a childlike quality to them that I enjoy. Check them out below.