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NOISE reveals Clive as Film Curator

Hello Friends: Straight from  their website, here’s the post from NOISE about having Clive Barker as a Film Curator for their event: Dubbed “the future of horror” by Stephen King, Liverpool-born Clive Barker started out as a horror writer in the eighties. He worked for years, trying to break through into...READ MORE...

Support our Podcast raffle! : Update

It’s the time of year again when I have to pay for Bandwidth, and I need your help.  This time, you can get something for your troubles.  Every raffle ticket ($10.00), gives you a chance to win an autographed US edition hardcover of The Great And Secret Show, and I...READ MORE...

Where is Episode 50?

I’m sorry to say that the site that hosts my episodes and submits them to itunes has some sort of glitch at the moment that doesn’t allow uploaded files to save.  Going to their community forums reveals that everyone there is having the same problem this weekend.  I was very...READ MORE...

The Clive Barker Podcast is expanding

The Clive Barker Podcast is now available on XBOX/Windows/Zune Marketplace, Blackberry and Doubletwist.  It’s also been submitted to Tune-in Radio, Stitcher and Pocketcast.  I hope this makes it more convenient for you.

Episode 036 : Jose and Sarah’s wedding Extravaganza!

I thought it would be nice to let our listeners listen in on some of the highlights of Jose and Sara’s wedding 3/15/13 at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vagas. Congratulations again, you two! See the full post for more.  The above picture was my wedding present.  A Birch...READ MORE...

Coming Soon : Episode 33 : Show Off Your Stuff

                Jose and I are trying out a Google Hangout, and we want you, our listeners to join us tomorrow, Sunday 2/24/13 9AM Alaska, 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern, 6PM UK. I’ve never used one of these either, but you know you have a...READ MORE...

Clive Barker Podcast Promo

Bloodbaths and Broomsticks Podcast asked us to do a promo, so I grabbed some of the most memorable and funny bits from our podcast and put it into a 90-second promo. What do you think? Clive Barker Podcast Promo [ 1:37 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Nightbreed Cabal Cut: Questions

Have any questions about the Nightbreed Cabal Cut? Leave them here, or leave a voice mail in my Skype at Ryan.Danhauser. Twitter or Facebook are okay too. We’re going to have episode 7 edited and submitted Wednesday or Thursday.

Coming Soon!

This is the web site for an upcoming Clive Barker podcast.  We will discuss everything past and present related to the works of Clive Barker. This site still needs some work, I need a banner, and to finish tweaking everything.  With WordPress, you’re live before you’re really ready, but that’s...READ MORE...