Retro Review: Hellraiser: Bloodline

Retro Review: Hellraiser: Bloodline

Whenever I watch Hellraiser: Bloodline I can’t help but feel a sense of loss. Not for myself, but for the makers of the movie. After the series went a little bit off the rails with Hell On Earth, the filmmakers were adamant to make a better movie that rose above...READ MORE...

Retro Review: Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

Retro Review: Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

For some reason when it comes to third films in a franchise that’s usually when a series starts to fall apart. Fresh ideas begin to run out and the films become very repetitive. Thankfully this never happened to the Hellraiser franchise and even though I may not have enjoyed a...READ MORE...

Retro Review: Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Retro Review: Hellbound: Hellraiser II

It’s rare to see a sequel top the original film that spawned it, but Hellbound: Hellraiser II does just that. Many sequels usually don’t take chances and play it safe. A lot of the time they want to mirror what made the original work so well, but never bring anything...READ MORE...

Review – Leviathan: Extras (Disc 3)

Hello Friends: By now, you’ve read the review of both disc one and two, here. Leviathan is a tremendous effort that spanned a few years of work and a successful Kickstarter and it accomplished nothing short of extraordinary. This is so far the definitive Hellraiser/Hellbound documentary that fans could ever...READ MORE...

Review – Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser (Disc 1)

Review – Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser (Disc 1)

First, let me start out by saying this is a 3-disc set, of which the disc I’m reviewing has a running time of 4 hours 37 minutes!  I didn’t even know a DVD could be that long without swapping discs.  Peter Jackson, take note! It’s a whole new world of...READ MORE...

Episode 98 : The Scarlet Gospels (Spoilers)

In this episode, Ryan, José and Rob talk about Clive Barker‘s The Scarlet Gospels.  Give it a listen only if you’ve read it already, because there are spoilers.  Oh the freedom! With special participation by friend, podcast listener & contributor to our previous hosting expenses fundraiser, Stephanie giving us her...READ MORE...


The Scarlet Gospels: Rob’s Take

Before I start this review I’d like to say thanks to Ryan Danhauser and Jose Leitao for helping me shape this review into what it is now. Without them I would constantly stumble and fall. Thank you. Wow what a rush! No, let me rephrase that again: FUCK, WHAT A RUSH!...READ MORE...

The Scarlet Gospels: Advance Review (Spoiler Free)

Hello Friends: It’s with great pleasure that I recently got an Advance Reader’s Edition of The Scarlet Gospels, the new long-awaited Clive Barker novel coming out on May 19th from St Martin’s Press; you can pre-order it from Macmillan, Amazon, and just recently it also became available for Special Pre-order at the...READ MORE...