Clive Barker’s Deep Hill

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There’s a new Revelatory interview at the Revelations website, where Clive announces some pretty enthusiastic news! He’s not only working on a new book Deep Hill (previously Scarebaby), but he talks about his life, how he’s still recovering every day from the Toxic Shock that sent him into a coma in 2012, gives us an update on the SyFy Nightbreed TV series, as well as confirming the rumor of the Books of Blood TV Series with Brannon Braga.

Deep Hill is a novel we have been following for a couple years, previously known as Scarebaby in earlier drafts. You might remember jumping the gun and listing Scarebaby available for pre-order on their site in September, 2017. We even made an April Fools post, claiming that Scarebaby will be a deluxe hardcover of the 1-page Abarat poem of the same name. Now Clive Barker has given us some detail of the current incarnation, called Deep Hill, which has become more personal, and relates to his near-death experience in 2012.

“I was moved to come at the book with a much more serious intent than earlier drafts had contained because I came close to dying a few years ago, and nothing concentrates your mind more forcibly than the proximity of a permanent goodbye!”

Clive Barker

He also notes in the interview that it’s a darker novel, not for a very young audience. It is not sexual and doesn’t contain adult language, but darker and more violent than earlier drafts. We recommend you read the whole interview, but we’ll continue to break down the news and give you our takes on it.

Please note, the above sketch is one that Clive has used for convention promotion, and not necessarily related to Deep Hill, which has no released cover artwork at this point.

— Jose Leitao and Ryan Danhauser

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