Hellraiser Judgement – Audio Commentary

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Ryan, Jose, Markus and David sit down to watch the newly released Hellraiser Judgement.  Unfortunately due to difficulties with Skype, Rob Ridenour wasn’t able to join us, but he gave us some notes to talk about.  The four of us had differing opinions of the movie, and we had a good time talking about it.

2018, Gary Tunnicliffe

Filmed in Oklahoma City, OK and Guthrie OK.

Art Director Sam Howeth

Costume Designer Jack O’Dell

Update!  Gary Tunnicliffe listened to our commentary and had some great feedback and information for us, which he sent to Rob.



Really enjoyed listening to the WHOLE commentary, I was amazed how much the guys actually figured out regarding back story and budget restrictions…it really wasn’t a lot of money and so YES I had to be very cost effective, so dialog explaining away things such as why they are alone in places etc and YES we purchased stock city footage and sometimes, honestly I think nudity or semi nudity is better than a cheap, poorly done costume.

I have to admit I laughed out loud along with them at several times, but even when they were playfully ‘ribbing’ the movie ‘MST style’ I felt they were always very considerate.

Please assure them I haven’t quit the film industry,just mufx (Id like to direct more if possible) I live in Bucharest, but I have a place in LA too and whilst I enjoy singing I’m not in an 80’s coverband, NOT strutting around in spandex LOL, but just rehearsing and writing some songs and music for fun.

Regarding the Jesus Wept line at the end, it wasn’t in the original script and even I thought it was a little too ‘on the nose’ but when we got there, we did various lines and that was the one that ended up in the film and truthfully even I’m 50/50 on it, I really do beliwve it’s kind of a polarizing line (you either love it or hate it) and really I went with it because of the religious aspects of the film, although I would have liked the reading to be a little more in the tone of ‘look at me I’m like Jesus’…in retrospect maybe I should have done something else, but it’s such a hard one to write and deliver….maybe she should have just laughed.

LOVED the idea of the blood rejuvenating the Jury…but HEY…KERCHING!!!!$$$$!!!!!…welcome to my world!…lots of cool ideas but NO MONEY lol!…I think we squeezed every dollar out of that budget.

Regarding Heather, it was a cameo, she came in for fun, she’s not a friend of mine or someone I have worked with previously, she simply read the script and thought this is totally weird and fucked up and when the casting director said, what do you think about a cameo (she’s from Oklahoma too, so she came out and visited her family) she simply said ‘why not?’ – and I chose SPECIFICALLY not to make it a boiler room, NOT to have a ‘Nancy’ name tag and NOT to have her wear a red and green sweater – any of that would have totally cheesed it up or been a clear WINK to the audience, ideally she wouldn’t have even gotten a credit and we obviously made her up to look haggard etc – it’s only because AMAZON and IMDB list the cast by STAR RATING (on imdb) and movie credits (on AMAZON) that her name leapt to the top of the credits and gave the wrong impression to people.

Of course a higher budget would have been nice, It would have allowed for more coverage and a more stylish sheen to the movie, some added extras in scenes (police, ambulances etc ) and production value, a chance to reshoot chatterer without the jaw malfunctioning!!! (trust me it angers me as much as you!) and a chance to make the surgeons costume somewhat more elaborate…..we were absolutely scraping the barrel for cash….

Stitch Twins
Butcher……etc, etc……and that was all me and my gang making those costumes!

… a little extra money would have also allowed me to do a practical Jophiel death and something more for the Pinhead banishment, pins removed, garb stripped, something much more like the Pinhead creation from Hellbound.

So there you go.

I appreciate their very kind words about the Auditor performance and everything else, why did I play the Auditor?, well truthfully with a limited make up fx crew on busy mufx days I came in two hours before call (not paid) and would get in make up – so that when Paul arrived at Call my guys were free to make him up and I could help – then in make up I could direct other things while he was getting ready. Also, we needed to prep prosthetic make up and we couldn’t cast the Auditor in prep (unlike Paul) so me playing allowed us to get the make up and costume ready ahead of time AND finally I wanted to play that character and I wasn’t sold on the the people I read, I’ve acted for a long time and so I decided to do it…trust me it was NOT easy, writing, directing and fx supervising is enough hats to wear…but I really enjoyed playing the character and I think its a decent performance and YES that is a hint of a German accent, I wanted something a little of kilter in there, but I hate German accents that are all ‘ZIS and ZAT’ – his accent was based on the German friends of mine who have lived in the USA or UK a LONG time, so less effected.

Regarding Pauls missing end credit I have no idea what happened there, there’s no weird collusion or subterfuge going on, I think someone just missed it off….but he gets a glorious credit in the opening 🙂


And Here’s a Painting that inspired the Auditor character.


And this podcast, having no beginning, will have no end.

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