Jacqueline Ess Film Test Footage

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The Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament movie adaptation has been something a lot of Clive Barker fans have been looking forward to. Out of all of The Books of Blood short stories I’d have to say it’s in my top five for sure.

The last we had heard about the project was that filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic was going to direct with Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey attached to star in the lead, but all of that has apparently fallen through.  According to filmmaker Russell Cherrington (Cabal Cut director) the rights are free again and he’s ready to pick up the project where he left off. As many of you know he created a film test pitch in hopes to get the film made back in 2015. He’s a strong admirer of the story and has a desire to make the film happen. After all, he did pay for this all by himself and shot it over one night.

I found his short to be quite good. It really captures the strange and intense tone the short story had. Also, notice a familiar Nightbreed cast member in there?

Check it out below, but a fair warning this footage contains graphic sexual content.


Thanks to Russell Cherrington for sharing.