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Clive Barker and The Hellraiser Reunion at Texas Frightmare Weekend!

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Our Kickstarter, which is still going, had a final funding stretch goal of $2500 to send us to Texas Frightmare Weekend, and now we’ve hit it. As of today, we’re at $2583! We can’t thank you enough for your support.  We’re a very niche podcast and blog, and we have the best community!

If you listen to the podcast, you’ve probably heard me tell, in various parts, my fond memories of Texas Frightmare weekend in 2011. Previously I had only been able to meet Clive Barker at book signings, and had never been to a horror convention. This was a special time for me, as I slowly moved towards the front of the line with my usual duffle-bag of stuff to be signed by Clive. They saw I had so many things, that Clive asked if I could just hang out with them at the table while they got through the line. I felt like such a VIP, and so grateful as I hung around with Clive and his crew for hours. So this year we thought we’d take a shot at returning to the place that inspired the podcast and blog in the first place, in the same year that Clive Barker plans to attend. And any Clive Barker fans, we’ll plan a listener party meet-up for sure.

It will also, in a way, be a reunion for us because not only have I only seen Jose in person twice, but now we get to see all these Hellraiser cast that were our first interviews in our first season of the show.

Simon Bamford in Episode 6
Barbie Wilde in episodes 26 and episode 104
Nicholas Vince in episode 11, episode 25 and Episode 72
Doug Bradley will be there, and Kevin Yaeger, who directed Hellraiser Bloodline!

And of course Clive Barker answered our questions in episode 100, but now we’ll hopefully have the opportunity to talk with him face-to-face, and I can’t wait!

If you’re in the area, please consider coming to Texas Frightmare Weekend. If you’re curious, they have a lot of great non-Clive Barker related guests as well. I’ll also be looking forward to seeing Ron Perlman. Check out the guest list, and we’ll see you there!

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