New Clive Barker Play Scripts Announced

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Hello Everyone,

As a new year begins so does new Clive Barker material become available. The Clive Barker Archive has announced the latest play scripts from their new series and they are Crazyface and Hunters in the Snow! I have yet to read either of them so this will give me a wonderful chance to do so.

Info from the Archive site:

Crazyface was written by Clive in 1982 for the Cockpit Youth Theatre in London and centres around the fool Tyl Eulenspiegel as he stumbles across a secret that nations are prepared to kill for.

Hunters in the Snow has never before been published and is a play from 1973 inspired by the works of Breugel. It includes a character called The Dutchman, originally played by Doug Bradley, that Clive would later see echoes of in the dialogue and bearing of Hellraiser’s lead cenobite, Pinhead.

No date has been given on when they’ll be released, but we’ll keep you informed as more news is made available. They did mention that sometime this month they’ll have a shipping date for Imaginer 5!  Also, some extra goodies were added to the Archive itself, with one being a nice production storyboard from Hellraiser: Bloodline.

I’ve shared the image below:

Thanks to The Clive Barker Archive and Markus Williams for sharing the news.

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