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Nightbreed The Cabal Cut is Back!

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For those following the story of The Cabal Cut, you know that originally Seraphim was allowed to sell 250 copies.  This was comprised of 200 Deluxe and 50 standard copies. Of course with a minimum Blu-Ray order of 1000, this left Seraphim with a lot of extra copies. Now, in order to help combat the ebay price-gouging, Morgan Creek has allowed Seraphim to sell the remaining hundreds of copies at the original convention and Occupy Midian exclusive price of $50!  This is great news if you missed out previously, but bad news if you only care about its resale value.  Please note only the standard editions are being sold. The numbered, deluxe editions were only 200, and it’s staying that way.

Watch for these copies to appear Monday, 11/20/2017 over at

According to our friends at Seraphim, text will be added to the listing saying:

NOTICE: After seeing the grossly inflated prices that MANY people are reselling the standard edition bluray for, we have secured a permission from Morgan Creek to sell our remaining stock (as we were previously restricted to selling 50). We hope this annoys the resellers! This remaining stock shall become available on Monday 20th November. Please note though, that this will NOT include the deluxe editions, which will forever and always remain limited and numbered to 200 copies.

For some history:

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