The Clive Barker Podcast Blog Reaches 1000 Posts!

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Before we got involved with Occupy Midian, we were a Podcast and a Blog.  This blog began its life in December 2011 as an idea I got after spending several hours hanging out at the signing table with Clive Barker an Mark Miller at Texas Frightmare Weekend, in 2011 (I had so many things to sign, they asked me to wait there with them until the end, which was one of my most treasured memories).  Clive wasn’t feeling well, and I decided that night I was going to write a letter to Clive because I had this urge to do something to help, but wasn’t sure how.  I mulled this over for several months until I decided I wanted to do a podcast.  I imagined a 4-person discussion on each episode with members from the forum, but for various reasons, José was the one who was willing and able to make the commitment and stick around.

Since then, we’ve weathered storms of financial difficulty, Apple suddenly discontinued iWeb, which was my back-end solution for submitting podcasts to iTunes, and some creative differences between José and I, and then there was that time we accidentally invited a crazy person to write for us.  Of course the successful Occupy Midian movement  was a huge part of our lives between 2012 and 2014 as well. We had no idea the fan community would support us the way they do, and that this would take off like it has.  At this moment we have 1000 blog posts, 156 Podcast Episodes. We have Facebook groups and pages with thousands of members and followers.  We get about 24,000 podcast downloads per year, and the number has gradually gone up.  Most of our listeners are subscribers.  Have you subscribed on Apple Podcasts or Android?  You could also help support us by buying a T-Shirt.

Thanks to José for being here since the beginning, to Rob for  being such a prolific news poster, to our newest writers Markus and David, and to all our listeners, readers, supporters and community members who make the Clive Barker fandom such a great place to be all these years, even before we had all this.