Paul Kane

Paul Kane’s “Hellraisers” Book Update

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Hello Friends:

Today author Paul Kane (The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy, Hellbound Hearts, Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell) did a #HorrorLounge “Clive Barker Chat” on Facebook for friends only, and I asked him for a quick update on the interview book “Hellraisers” that we’ve been following on the @BarkerCast. Here is his update on that upcoming book:

JL: Any news about the “Hellraisers” interview book to come out in the near future?
PK: Last I heard a few days ago, Jose, there was an ebook imminent and physical to follow by end of year…

So there you have it, a very exciting update for another Hellraiser-themed book from author Paul Kane which we’re all very interested in reading here at the @BarkerCast. Stay tuned.

Paul Kane, previously on the @BarkerCast