Bonus For Our Listeners – The Cabal Cut

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Did you know Saturday, September 30th  is International Podcast Day?  So we’re a Podcast first, a blog second, and then a presence on Social Media, and we want to put out something special for our listeners.

Were you wanting the Cabal Cut for $50 but your fingers weren’t fast enough?  Now you’ve got another chance.  We have 3 copies, and the race is on.  If you want to get one of these, we have a few steps for you to do.  Add $10 for shipping in the US, or $25 for international Shipping.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post over at
  2. Leave a review in whatever podcast aggregator you use, either itunes or Google play music.  Take a screenshot.
  3. Send an email to me! including the screenshot!

The top 3 emails, in order that I receive them will get a second change to buy the Cabal Cut at the Occupy Midian exclusive price of $50.  I will contact you by email with the instructions for sending the money via PayPal and shipping.  So if you’re reading this, and you want a copy get started now?  This won’t be shared on social media, so please don’t share it either.

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