Collector’s Corner: Cast-Signed Leviathan Poster

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On this Collector’s Corner we have a pretty impressive cast-signed poster that belongs to Danny Stewart‘s Hellraiser collection. He was a backer/co-executive producer for the LEVIATHAN Documentary, and lives just outside London.




He’s acted in a few short films and one of his latest characters was as “the Gimp” in the short film Dark Ditties Presents: THE OFFER, directed by Chris Griffiths and Gary Smart: “Seven strangers are invited to a house to be offered a large inheritance, instead they find themselves trapped in a deadly game to the death.” Danny told me by message: “I can’t wait for you to see it!” THE OFFER features Nicholas Vince, Barbie Wilde, Simon Bamford and Kenneth Cranham in its cast, among others.

Danny sent this poster photo to us, with the caption:

Got it framed after 3 years #Leviathan #HellraiserDoc

It’s a unique piece for sure, as it displays the autographs of pretty much every guest featured in the documentary, over a poster of LEVIATHAN. For a Hellraiser fan, this is extremely collectible!

Cool item, Danny!

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