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Paul T. Taylor on Hellraiser: Judgement

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Hello Everyone,

There’s a new interview with Paul T. Taylor over at the site TrunkSpace where he continues to talk about Hellraiser: Judgement and the possibility of more films in the series. A lot of the interview covers familiar terriority, but I did find it refreshing that the filmmakers used mostly practical effects over the use of CGI.

“ ‘Judgment’ is using, of course, real effects, but also there is a possibility of using CGI,” he explained. “I don’t know how much CGI is used in this. I only know that where I shot, we used real effects, which I was really happy about because, I mean, you go back to the first few ‘Hellraiser’ movies and that’s all real effects. It’s like REALLY well done…I prefer real effects over anything. If you can make that stuff look real… there you go.”

There was another part of the interview that really irked me about how the film is like “torture porn.” Hellraiser isn’t Saw or Hostel.

I do have to admit I like Paul T. Taylor’s enthusiasm for the project and his excitement over playing the character of Pinhead. I’m going to give him a chance, but let’s face it, following in Doug Bradley’s footsteps was always going to be the big hurdle for people to get over. Most fans aren’t able to do that. I wish they’d release some footage so fans can see some of his work so they can form their own “judgment“.

There’s still no news when the film will be released. We’ll keep you posted when a date becomes available.

Thanks to TrunkSpace for the news!

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