“Leviathan” Doc Companion Book Unboxing

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Hello Friends:

It’s finally here! It was another day of 100 degree temperatures in Arizona, and I was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Hellraiser, reading stuff and watching clips from The Scarlet Box, when I heard a knock at the door. There was no one there when I opened it, all I could hear was a rush of giant wings flying away in the distance. There it was, a well wrapped cardboard package, hot to the touch, the face of Queen Elizabeth on the stamp. I immediately knew what it was.

What’s your pleasure, Sir?

Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II was a documentary we’ve followed from the very beginning here at the @BarkerCast, since late 2013. The documentary started production in November of that year, and we got Gary Smart to come on as a guest to talk about it four months later on Episode #066 in March of 2014: A Conversation With Gary Smart, and a second conversation for Episode #93: Gary Smart Returns. The Kickstarter to fund this documentary launched in June 5th of that year and was very successful, reaching £16,395 from 216 backers— I was very happy to contribute as a backer and with some graphic material like scans of photos, press kits, etc. We reviewed LEVIATHAN (Disc 1, Disc 2) on the @BarkerCast in Episode #099, just before Clive Barker answered some of our questions in Episode #100, so go check those out!

The LEVIATHAN book is a Cult Screenings UK LTD/Dead Mouse Productions release and was written by Christian Sellers and Gary Smart, limited to 1,000 numbered copies. It features exclusive art and behind the scenes photos, a foreword by Image Animation co-founder Geoff Portass and an afterword by Hellraiser scholar and author Paul Kane, featuring the amazing documentary cover art by Graham Humphreys. Now this 228-page limited edition harback book is the perfect companion for the LEVIATHAN documentary. I am looking forward to reading it front to back and posting a more in depth review, so stay tuned.





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