Today is “Cabal Cut” Release Day!

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Hello Friends:

The day is finally here. The Cabal Cut is up for sale over at the RCB Store. If you attended Son of Monsterpalooza and stopped by the RealCliveBarker Store booth, you probably saw a few copies of the Cabal Cut Blu-Ray being sold there— over on Occupy Midian I know some of you posted photos of your copies. If you’ve been following our blog, we previously unveiled an exclusive announcement of the Blu-Ray package and extras here.

Contents of the Deluxe Package – Click for the RCB Store order page

Today, coordinating with the RCB Store, Occupy Midian on Facebook was offered a special promotion, with an exclusive “Occupy Midian”-only advance order link that was going to stay up until later this evening. As the largest Nightbreed community online, Occupy Midian was at the forefront of the fan movement that resulted in the touring of the Cabal Cut around the world and very supportive of the subsequent Director’s Cut release by Shout! Factory in 2014.

Within the hour, all the Standard Edition Blu-Rays were sold at $50 each, along with an unspecified number of Deluxe editions that figures in the dozens. After the link quickly became public in other websites, the RCB Store opened the orders to the general public today. So now here is your chance to get a copy of this (region-free) set, produced in-house at Seraphim, direct from Clive Barker’s office!

At the price of  $250 each for the Deluxe Copies, you get:

A thing of beauty

  • Numbered Blu-Ray sleeve
  • Decker enamel pin badge
  • 10 postcard set
  • 11″ X 17″ poster by Ralph McQuarrie
  • 11″ X 17″ poster by Daniele Serra
  • Cabal Rorschach vinyl sticker
    – Introduction by Mark Alan Miller
    – Feature commentary with Russell Cherrington (Restoration Producer) & Jimmi Johnson (Cabal Cut editor)
    – Feature commentary with Occupy Midian founders José Leitão & Ryan Danhauser (THAT’S US!)

I’m sure this set will run out soon, so secure your copy as soon as possible if you’re interested.

If you remember back when we announced this edition, it is very limited because Morgan Creek is allowing Seraphim Inc. only to make 250 copies, otherwise it would compete with the sales of the Director’s Cut.  Here’s a podcast episode where we first discussed the release.

Let us know what you think in the comments.  This edition is a big thank you to the Occupy Midian movement and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Well, maybe if there were 10,000 of them.  We’re looking at you, Shout Factory and Morgan Creek.


“This edit was made to celebrate the efforts of all involved in bringing Nightbreed back from relative obscurity – primarily the Occupy Midian Facebook group, Russell Cherrington, Jimmi Johnson, Mark Alan Miller, amongst many, many others.”
RCB Store, “The Cabal Cut”