Imaginer 5 Pre-Orders Are Up

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Hello Everyone,

In a new interview on his official site Revelations, Clive Barker talked in great detail about the fifth volume of the Imaginer series. And once again it looks like Phil and Sarah Stokes have out done themselves.

Here’s a brief snippet:

Clive : “Yeah, yeah, it is hard but you’ve pulled it off one hundred per cent, one hundred fucking per cent. God, I’m seldom lost for words but I am sort of lost for words! It’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous – it’s the best so far.
“I know I said at the beginning of Imaginer, ‘This is probably the best Clive Barker between covers’ or whatever it was, you know, about Tom’s first book? I feel I need to re-state, because of this, a whole new level of achievement by you guys.
“And I very much feel – I feel so passionate about it – that I want to make sure the world knows that this is not the Imaginer you think you knew! This is, guys, excuse this, it sounds un-humble but it’s not un-humble: it’s about the achievement I guess we’ve all achieved, but this is one of the most beautiful art books I’ve ever seen.”

Sounds like they knocked it out of the park! The cover for this one is probably my favorite!


You can pre-order the new book at the official Clive Barker Archive site in three separate editions: A regular edition, deluxe edition, a special deluxe edition with special thanks included.

Follow the link below to get your preferred edition today!

Thanks to Clive Barker: Revelations Facebook for sharing the news.