Hellraiser: Anthology Volume 2 On Sale Sept. 24th!

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Hello Friends:

If you were lucky enough to get a hardcover version of the great Hellraiser: Anthology vol. 1 (we taked about it in Episode #144), you know that these are Hellraiser stories much like the Hellpriest in Hellraiser III: Hell On Earthunbound, unstoppabable.

I mean that in a good way, though. These are stories that tackle uncomfortable ideas, that feature sex and nudity, sadomasochism and transcendence. In Episode #150 we talked about this release as we got our copy already along with the press release and volume 2 is a treat. Produced in-house, with a host of great artists and writers, this is Hellraiser as it could be in the movies, as it probably should be in the movies. It’s true that some of these stories in the anthology format are short, but that means their impact needs to hit home more accurately in less time, which makes for some really visceral writing.

There’s 16 stories (the previous volume had 11), and a pin-up gallery at the end, much like the first volume. These pin ups will have you wish for poster versions so you can frame some of them. Remember the old Hellraiser Posterbook? I’m going to say it right here, Seraphim: You guys should consider this idea. I take 10%!

Since this is a non-spoilery announcement, I’m staying away from commenting about the stories, so I’ll focus on my initial impressions of this release: despite the constraints of a PDF review version, I can tell you that if volume two maintains the same quality as the first issue, the hardcover will be pretty attractive. Edited by Ben Meares, lettered and designed by Christian Francis and featuring cover art by the great Daniele Serra, there are some repeat artists and writers from the first volume, like Mark Miller, Meares and Francis, as well as Matt. Murray and Riley Schmitz and the inimitable Clive Barker himself, with some new additions to the writers roster like Zac ThompsonLonnie Nadler, and Ken Winkler. Rebekah McKendry (Editor in Chief for and Ian McKendry also return for volume two. The artists bringing these great stories to life are Hector Casanova, Nick Percival, Christian DiBari, Riley Schmitz, Mark Torres, Nino Cammarata, Jim Terry, Daniele Serra and Devmalya Pramanik.

I can say Pin-Occhio does make a return appearance in another story celebrating his Birthday in typical Golden Book cartoon format, and we have another heavy hitter in this volume: Actor and Author Nicholas Vince brought to this mix of terrifying tales his own take on the origins of a cenobite with the million dollar smile! Prayers of Desire, a 10 page text story illustrated with Clive Barker  sketches, will bring our beloved Chatterer‘s origin story  into this volume, as his human alter ego comes face to face with the “God of Pain and Pleasure“. Don’t miss this one!

The comic was unveiled at the Son of Monsterpalooza Convention last weekend, and will go on sale at the Store on September 24th, available in 2 formats: Hardcover and Digital Download. Hellraiser: Anthology Volume Two will be priced at $35 and the digital download will be priced at $15.

This release will also feature a section covering the amazing Pinhead make-up demo featured live at Monsterpalooza 2017 re-designed by Clive Barker, Cris Alex and Stephen Imhoff.

Keep checking this space and the Comics Section at the Store, on September 24th when Hellraiser: Anthology Volume Two goes up for sale.

Did you get your copy at Son of Monsterpalooza? Let us know in the comments below. Now enjoy this gallery of 9 promotional pages unveiled with the press release.

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