Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Celebrations UPDATE!!!

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Hello Friends:

You  know this year we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of  Hellraiser, a movie that was a big gateway to a lot of fans out there into the worlds & works of Clive Barker. There are a lot of things happening  right now, from a new Arrow Hellraiser steelbook release to celebratory silver-screen screenings!

Here’s a couple of cool events that we felt you guys should know about!

There’s going to be a Hellraiser 30th Anniversary 35mm Screening on the 25th of September, 6:30 PM at The Prince Charles Cinema—the theater that played the very first screening of Hellraiser thirty years ago: BUY TICKETS HERE!!!

Depending on stock, everyone who buys a ticket to the screening will also get a poster from Mondo featuring artist Matt Ryan Tobin artwork (depicted above), with the new collector’s edition soundtrack on sale in the lobby. Empire Online quoted Tobin about this new art:

“We’ve seen a lot of interpretations of Pinhead in art looking malicious and evil. I wanted to focus on the cold and somber aspect of Pinhead; emotionless and almost sad. As much as he is a delegate for the Cenobites, he’s also very much a prisoner; chained down by the very chains he uses to collect and destroy souls. I really wanted the artwork to reflect this.”

Another event we’d like to tell  you about is that composer Chris Young (Hellraiser, Hellbound) is set to sign copies of the Lakeshore Records Hellraiser vinyl soundtrack— Special 30th Anniversary Edition, remixed and remastered from the original 24 track Master tapes— at Dark Delicacies in Burbank on the 15th of October, starting at 4 PM: You can buy your copy of it here for $40.


Looks like for Hellraiser fans this year, our cup runneth  over.

Thanks to contributor Danny Stewart for sending the news our way.
Sources: Empire Online, Dark Delicacies.



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