[Exclusive] Nightbreed The Cabal Cut Blu-Ray Release Update

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What is the opposite of a delay?  That’s what Nightbreed, The Cabal Cut has, because it will now be released around the end of this month, and we have some more details to share! New information in bold, including all new art and even a more affordable edition.

  • It will be $250 each for 200 Copies
  • And $75 each  for 50 standard copies (no sleeve or extras)
  • Available the end of September
  • 200 deluxe copies include:
    • Numbered bluray sleeve
    • Decker enemel pin badge
    • 10 X postcard set
    • 11″ X 17″ poster by Ralph McQuarrie
    • 11″ X 17″ poster by Daniele Serra
    • Cabal Rorschach vinyl sticker

If you remember back when we announced this edition, it is very limited because Morgan Creek is allowing Seraphim Inc. only to make 250 copies, otherwise it would compete with the sales of the Director’s Cut.  Here’s a podcast episode where we first discussed the release.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this to come out!  Will you be getting one?  Do you wish there were more available?  Let us know what you think in the comments.  This edition is a big thank you to the Occupy Midian movement and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Well, maybe if there were 10,000 of them.  We’re looking at you, Shout Factory and Morgan Creek.  When it’s ready, you’ll be able to order it here.


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  1. sweetooth0

    $250 is outrageous. Even $75 for the standard edition is pushing it. Considering I paid $80 for the UBER mondo edition of Possession which had considerably more content for the price, I’ll have to wait for this one to be bootlegged (which is pretty much a guarantee).

  2. Ryan Danhauser

    Sweettooth, that $80 edition was the Director’s Cut / Theatrical Cut and a wide release with a distributor. This one is direct from Clive Barker’s company. We don’t advocate piracy, especially against Clive Barker.

  3. Dave

    This is extremely disappointing. That is an outrageous price for an edition size of 200. I might consider paying that if it came with a hand-drawn sketch by Clive Barker himself. You’ve priced out all but the most rabid of collectors. This is not “by the fans, for the fans”. Maybe a kickstarter or some other crowd funded path should have been explored before deciding on such an insulting cost.

  4. DigitalArkham

    Sorry, I have loved Hellraiser since my first time seeing it in the theater , as well as renting it constantly and finally buying the limited edition of the Director’s Cut.
    I bought comic books.
    But $250 for 12-14 minutes, or even $75 for 12-14 minutes.
    The posters are nice, I wish you well and hope they sell quickly so that there is no loss as I do understand the work that goes into a release like this without a studio behind it.
    I will await the day that Morgan Creek and Shout Factory pull their heads out of their ass and do a proper release as I am fairly sure that sales have had to slow on theirs by now.

  5. SAK L

    I’ve been a huge Clive Barker fan since 1985 when I first read the Books Of Blood and I have championed Nightbreed (Cabal) to all foolish enough to listen to me and now when I finally have the chance to see this limited edition it is snatched away from me by both a ridiculously limited limited edition and an even more more ludicrous price 🙁

  6. R Vaughan

    I love it but worry that I won’t hear about it soon enough to order on the day it is available. Is there any way to be notified by email or should I just check my twitter feed every hour of every day for the rest of this month?

  7. Rob Robinson

    I would definitely change the wording in the first two bullet points to read, “$250 each” and “$75 each” else someone might think, and legally expect, to receive 200 copies for $250 or 50 copies for $75.

  8. Ryan Danhauser

    Dave and Digital Arkham: Okay, your comments are directed at us, as if we are the ones making this release. Please understand we are a fan site reporting on this release, and did not make it.

    Rob Robinson: Done. I also changed tray case to sleeve to make it more obvious, because a lot of people were thinking the $75 edition would have no case at all.

  9. Terry Jones

    I got excited at the thought of having the ultimate cut of Nightbreed, expecting something similar to the Hellraiser Scarlet Box. What we’re getting is an extremely limited release at the mind bogglingly stupid price of $250 (for posters and badges) and $75 for a single disc standard packaging that will completely price out those who want to experience Clive’s masterpiece as it should be.

    This is just greed on behalf of the studio distributors, plain and simple. The studios need to wake up and smell the income from a proper release.

  10. Terry Jones

    Not Clive’s company for sure but Morgan Creek for imposing such restrictions on this important release. If I understand correctly it’s been restricted because they don’t want it to impact on the Director’s cut blu ray sales. Correct me if I’ve misread that wrong ?

  11. Dan

    Seems more like an F U to the occupy Midian movement than a thank you. High price and only enough copies for what? Like 5% of the group?

  12. Brian Tilley

    Anyone who says this is greed is a moron! Do you really think the company is making a cent off this? 250 copies, 200 @ $250, and 50 @$75 equals $56,750. Now, how much of this do you think is covering materials and disc printing, encoding, etc. Try probably ALL of it. This whole thing was to get this release into the hands of as many fans as they could. Period!

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