Lord of Illusions Turns 22 Today!

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Hello Friends:

Remember the first time you saw Lord of Illusions? August 25, 1995 was when it first premiered in the United States. My country Portugal, would have to wait for a single video premiere some time later in January of 1997. I think I saw it as a rental. Ryan went to see it twice by himself while he was in college in Fairbanks, Alaska. Later I had a chance to see this movie screened at movie festivals, on the silver screen. Let us know in the comments here or on Facebook your story of when and where you first saw this movie!

August 23, 1995: ‘Lord of Illusions’ Los Angeles Premiere in Hollywood, California, United States.
Source: Getty Images

An exciting adventure featuring a supernatural private detective most Clive Barker fans had heard of at the time, (if you had read Lost Souls and The Last Illusion short story as well as the Books of the Art) Harry D’Amour, who remains to this day in the minds of many fans as represented by the great Scott Bakula. Famke Janssen played Dorothea, and Kevin J. O’Connor played Swann to the late and very missed Daniel von Bargen‘s Nix. Nix was an amazing villain, a true archetype of the Barkerverse villain; human, but god-like, powerful but unable to achieve his main goal even through the use of his powers, ultimately fighting loneliness and the inevitability of his death. Much like Mammoulian in The Damnation Game, Nix wants a disciple, a companion to follow him into the black void that whispers the “wisdom of the grave“. I hope you’ve seen the Director’s Cut as it featured 11 more minutes than the original theatrical run, but this time Clive had learned his lesson after Nightbreed and made sure to put in his contract he reserved the right to have his Director’s Cut “on laser“.

Shout! Factory released the Director’s Cut of Lord of Illusions in December 14, 2016 as a Blu-Ray, which we covered on Episode #087 here. You can get a copy of this great edition here. For and article about Lord of Illusions Filming Locations by our very own Rob Ridenour, read this: Hellraiser III/Lord of Illusions Movie Locations. We’ve also covered the rare script “The Great Unknown: Harry D’Amour’s First Adventure” on Episode #137.
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Happy 22nd Birthday, Lord of Illusions!!!