A Treasure Trove of Clive Barker Art Added to the Webstore

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A true treasure trove of Clive Barker artwork has been added for sale on the webstore, As usual they’ve unveiled exciting, brand new and never-before-seen sketches and paintings to the webstore, but it’s not these that are making my head feel like it’s about to explode Scanners style. Indeed it is the addition of sketches, paintings and concept art for Clive Barker projects – both that have come to fruition and not – that is making my cranium feel like it’s about to rupture from pure joy. The Barker works these pieces in question come from include Imajica, The Great and Secret Show, The Thief of Always, Weaveworld, Next Testament, Clive’s defunct Mummy movie and more!

First up is the original design for center of the carpet from Weaveworld, drawn in 1982. It’s front features an intricate and abstract piece of the Seerkind’s home, while the reverse features a whopping 67 unrelated creature designs. This piece comes with a hefty price-tag though of $3,800.00. But when it comes to Clive Barker collecting, there is no doubt this piece is a must-have.


Next up is a concept sketch for Harvey Swick from The Thief of Always. It is a pretty basic piece and is going for $750.00. Then there is a piece titled ‘The Messenger’ from The Great and Secret Show which was used as a chapter-head for the first part of the novel. This piece is going for $2,000.00. Then there is a painting that was used as the cover art of the Crossroads Press audiobook of Imajica. This piece is going for $1,500.00. There is also another Next Testament piece that’s been added to the store, this time that is a painting, and its price is $1,000.00. Lastly, and in my opinion the best one of these listed concept pieces, is a portfolio of 17 sketches from Barker’s now defunct film, The Mummy. These pieces were made as part of the pitch Clive gave to Universal before the 1999 remake. Its price is $2,500.00, and in my opinion well worth it for 17 truly awesome original Clive Barker pieces.


Lastly, there are several new drawings, sketches and paintings that have been added to the webstore, many never-before seen until now. They are listed below, and all of these pieces and more can be purchased here.