Clive Barker Podcast’s Scene of the Week

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Hello Everyone,

On this week’s edition of Clive Barker Podcast’s Scene of the Week, we’re taking a ride on The Midnight Meat Train, a movie which I believe is one of the better film adaptations from Clive’s famous short story collections, The Books of Blood. Unlike films such as Dread and the inexcusable Rawhead Rex, MMT captured the overall style and tone of Clive’s story. While the ending tended to stray away from what made the short story so memorable, I still think it worked out nicely.

I’ll be honest, I really didn’t care very much for the character of Maya, but her death scene got to me. She’s the one thing in the story that’s keeping Leon sane as he slowly lets himself be pulled into Mahogany’s world of madness. The final moments are truly horrifying and in your face.

Just like a Clive Barker film should be.