UPDATED: One Day Clive Barker Exhibition w/Russell Cherrington

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Hello Everyone,

Our good friend Russell Cherrington is hosting a one day exhibition called Clive Barker: Visions of the Fantastic Paintings, Drawings, and Writings to show off various Clive Barker works. The event will be held at on Saturday 9th September from 10am until 5pm in Derby, England and will be £5.00 per person. In addition, for anyone who donates another £5.00 to help Eden Valley Hospice, they’ll have a chance to win an original Clive Baker drawing that’s both signed and framed.

This sounds like a lot of fun and who wouldn’t want to have an original signed drawing from Clive himself? I know I would. So make sure to donate because it’s also supporting a good cause.

I’ve attached the following information from the official press release and link to the official Facebook page:

Clive Barker – Visions of the Fantastic
Paintings. Drawings and Writings.

One Day Exhibition in Aid of Eden Valley Hospice.
Saturday 9th September 2017

Clive Barker has created worlds and cinematic visions of heaven and hell, which have shaped modern fantastic fiction for many generations and many more to come.

For the first time in the United Kingdom there will be a chance to see his creative worlds in the flesh. So imagine seeing characters from Abarat, Thief of Always, Books of Blood, Hellraiser, Great and Secret Show, Everville, Incarnations and Weaveworld in huge canvas and inks all before your eyes. There are more the 80 original works on the walls and over 300 Clive Barker drawings and sketches for you to see.

There will also be a chance to see hand written plays, early hand typed stories and props from Clive Barkers Films as well as some surprises. In addition there will be artworks on display by Dave McKean, Jean Cocteau, Martin Copley and Richard Kirk.

The event is £5.00 per person and takes place on Saturday 9th September from 10am until 5pm in Derby, England. The admission includes and private tour of all the artworks, refreshments and a selection of posters, postcards and each person that donates £5.00 to the Eden Valley Hospice appeal will be entered into a draw to win a original Clive Barker drawing which is signed and framed.

If you cannot attend you can still donate and be entered into the draw for the artwork.
For further information email clivebarkereden@gmail.com

Facebook official page:


Thanks to Russell Cherrington for sharing!

Updated as of 8/17/2017:

Clive Barker – Visions of the Fantastic

Saturday 9th September 2017
10am until 4pm
Derby, England.


Lots of the tour slots have started to be taken by admirers and collectors of Clive Barker. We have 3 morning slots and 5 afternoon slots left at this time.

I will be doing tours of the 75 plus framed artworks and the 100’s of unframed works in 30 minute tours. There will be refreshments provided including home made cakes. Each person will receive a selection of Clive Barker posters and goodies. Every person who attends or donates will be placed into a raffle to win an original framed Clive Barker ink drawing from my collection.

Donations can be made here and all the money goes to Eden Valley Hospice.

If you want to a attend or donate please email me here clivebarkereden@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone who has supported to date.