The Latest News on Barbie Wilde’s ‘Blue Eyes’

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Writer and actress Barbie Wilde (aka Female Cenobite) shared a new update about the film version based on her short story Blue Eyes. Also, included is poster artwork done by the talented Vincent Sammy! This sounds like something Barbie would cook up! I highly recommend her short story collection Voices of the Damned!  There was some pretty sick stuff in there!

The latest on Blue Eyes: Horror Movie:
Blue Eyes is waking up…slowly…surely. Barbie Wilde’s tale of taboo sex, death and obsession will go into production in Toronto this November, 2017. Chris Alexander will direct. Wilde, Alexander and Luis Ceriz are producing. Nivek Ogre will star with more cast to be announced soon. Teaser trailer and more details about the production revealed in the coming months… Stay tuned!
(Blue Eyes poster artwork by Vincent Sammy.)

We’ll keep you posted on the latest news!

Thanks to Barbie Wilde’s Facebook Page!