Project Greenlight: ‘Wither’ Wins Clive Barker Mentorship, $300K

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Hello Everyone,

Project Greenlight was an opportunity for over a thousands aspiring filmmakers to possibly win a small budget of three thousand dollars to finance a feature film and a mentorship under Clive Barker himself. Well, the winners have been announced and it looks like upcoming horror filmmakers Danny DelPurgatorio and Anthony Williams’ are the lucky ones. Their prize winning video Proof-of-Concept Scene was so effective that Clive Barker gave it a strong seal of approval!

They had this to say in regards to winning and working with Clive Baker:

Being selected was so humbling and even more so considering the remarkable quality of the other finalists’ work,” director DelPurgatorio said in a statement.

Williams added of the partnership with Barker and the contest’s organizers: “I am looking forward to working with them to bring our film to life and to scare the hell out of people.

They’ll soon start production on a project called Wither, a story that will follow Dr. Spencer Woodrow, who can no longer hide from the ghosts of his past. He has no choice but to revive the dead to trap their souls. In crossing these boundaries, Dr. Woodrow and those he cares about most will suffer consequences far beyond his imagination.

Here’s a link to watch their award winning video on Vimeo. It’s pretty creepy and I’m looking forward to seeing what both filmmakers have in store for us in the near future.


Congratulations guys! The Clive Barker Podcast wishes you all the best!

For the full article follow the link to The Hollywood Reporter official site.


Thanks to Clive Barker: Revelations and The Hollywood Reporter for the news!