“CABAL CUT” TO BE RELEASED ON BLU-RAY! [Exclusive Announcement]

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Hello Friends!

It’s always a great day here at the @BarkerCast when we have EXCLUSIVE NEWS to pass on to our listeners and readers who stick with us for their Clive Barker news and discussion.

Today we have very EXCITING NEWS! The CABAL CUT of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed will be available soon on Blu-Ray, and using the best quality footage available!!!

Yes, you heard us right— That CABAL CUT you saw at a screening back in 2012/2013 around the world, hosted by Russell Cherrington, or Russell and Mark Miller, along with some of the cast members like Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, Nicko Vince or Simon Bamford, is FINALLY going to be available on a VERY limited Blu-Ray disc release, just signed off by Morgan Creek and rebuilt  in-house at Seraphim, using the best quality footage available. Remember the graininess and the terrible muddy quality of the VHS workprints? That’s been cleared out a LOT, although for some segments they still used it; but there’s no other choice for those segments that weren’t found in the warehouse boxes for the Shout! Factory edition.

12 minutes of VHS footage remain on a 145 minute Cabal Cut. Stuff you’ve never seen anywhere else, folks.

Now for the fun part: Not only will this release feature a commentary track by RUSSELL CHERRINGTON and JIMMI JOHNSON, original editors of the several versions of the CABAL CUT that toured the world and rallied the fans to demand for the release of the Director’s Cut, but RYAN DANHAUSER and JOSE LEITAO from the @BARKERCAST is producing a commentary track of our own for this release! So stay tuned for that!

It will also feature a VIDEO INTRODUCTION by MARK MILLER, VP of Seraphim as well as a LIMITED POSTCARD SET and an ENAMEL BADGE of Dr. Decker’s Rorschach-style art by Clive Barker!

The cover will feature the TIM WHITE artwork that graced the cover of the Fontana/Collins book CLIVE BARKER’S NIGHTBREED: THE MAKING OF THE FILM, as you can see in this post’s header. Here’s a picture of the DECKER pin:

Look at this Fantastic Decker Pin! Look at it.

The kicker? This Blu-Ray will be REGION FREE. So everyone out there, around the world that wants to get a copy of the CABAL CUT will finally be able to watch it regardless of what Region they’re living in. You asked for it, and THEY LISTENED!

So, this is it for now, stay tuned for more updates about the definitive cover for this release, final list of features and price!

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