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Hello Everyone,

For this edition of Clive Barker’s Podcast Scene of the Week, I wanted to pay tribute to the original box creator Simon Sayce who sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer. He had such a passion for life that went beyond his work. I didn’t know him personally like many others did, but I’m good judge of character and Simon was a true gentlemen in every sense of the word. He was one of the good guys and he’ll sadly be missed by all of us here at the Podcast.

It was such a joy to be able to speak with him alongside Ryan and Jose on Episode 116. The stories he shared with us about the process of making the boxes was both insightful and helped me understand that he was creating more than another movie prop for the film, but a character that was a central part of the story. He was a devoted craftsman who paid very close attention to detail when creating the boxes for the first two Hellraiser films. The excellent work he put into them was well thought out and clever.

Listen to what he has to say on the subject in the video interview below.

Rest in peace Simon. You’re a true inspiration to us all.

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  1. Rob Ridenour

    Thanks Jose. I really enjoyed you and Ryan’s tributes to Simon as well. He deserves the positive notices for his hard work over the years.

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