145 : A-Z and the Duels of Blood (Part 7)

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Thanks for joining us again on the Clive Barker Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to the works and worlds of Clive Barker. This is episode 145, A-Z and the Duels of Blood Part 7 (letters STUV). Ryan and Jose and joined by David (news contributor and from the  David and Markus are our newest blog contributors, and we thank them for their work on the site!

All this plus the Duels of Blood final round and Clive Barker news.

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Special Thanks to Markus Williams and David Sharp, and Rob Ridenour too

Clive Barker News

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Duels of Blood, End Final Round / Bonus Round

Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror (STUV)

  • S For Sorceress – Shirley Jackson, The Lottery, The Haunting of Hill House (1963, The Haunting movie) b 1919 d 1965, Lizzie
    • The Haunting – Was a fun, interesting movie. Evil Dead…
  • T For Torso – Jennifer Lynch, Boxing Helena (1993) Madonna and Kim Basinger turned down the role.  1988 David Cronenberg Dead Ringers
    • Boxing Helena, shot like a TV movie, Anne  is unconvincing and lame, $1.8M Box office gross. But they sued Kim Basinger for  $9M – overturned and they settled.  Budget $2M.
  • U for Unborn – Rosemary’s Baby, Larry Cohen’s It’s Alive
    • Name a place, I’ve been there.  Fairbanks Alaska
    • Love these crazy dream sequences
  • V for Vice Versa – Clive Barker, transformation, the monster as revelation, Hellbound, “The Madonna”

TV Series, No T or V

Coming Up Next

  • More A-Z  of Horror (WXYZ)
  • Epic Nightbreed Comics
  • Clive Barker’s Next Testament and Leviathan Book

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