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Hello Everyone,

On this week’s edition of Clive Barker’s Podcast Scene of the Week, I’ve decided to open the Lament Configuration and explore the labyrinth searching for a scene that goes beyond the limits of pleasure and pain. I must confess that my discoveries are quite bloody. We all love blood around here so I think everyone will be satisfied with the scene I’ve chosen today.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II offered some intense imagery upon its Christmas release back in 1989. When it was released on home video the following year, the fans were treated to an unrated version of the film containing all the bloodshed that was removed by the MPAA. I believed the film was quite bloody in its initial form with moments of grotesque images that my young eyes had never seen before. How much more gore could the film give us?

The short answer: LOTS!

The one scene that suffered the most cuts was a frightening moment with a schizophrenic patient named Browning who decides to give himself a full body shave with a razor. I’ll admit whenever I’m watching the film and this scene comes on, I actually have to look away from the screen. The sound effects of the blade cutting into the flesh are what get under my skin. The scene also bothered the film’s screenwriter Peter Atkins. On the commentary track on laserdisc release for Hellbound, he admitted to feeling sick after watching it for the first time. It’s a powerful moment in horror film history.

So do yourself a favor and try not to eat anything for before watching it, and always please be careful with razors! Especially around the groin area!

I now present to you Browning and the Bloody Mattress!

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  1. Tigra Maria

    When U R rich & live good, U can watch it very easy. 4 Example, with my girlfriends, we prepared nice salade by receipe 4 my parents from their friends: green pea – rice – ham – cheese – tomato -onions (in levels). Marinade mussels next to it, black bread and raspberry juice from the garden of my grandma. My parents & bro were absent, I showed it 2 my girlfriends. Bon appetite, Baby! ?

  2. Rob Ridenour

    @Ryan- Indeed! Most of Hellbound’s violence is fantasy oriented which makes it less shocking. You’ll never see a person get turned into a cenobite in the real world, but people do cut themselves with razors. I think that’s what makes the scene more disturbing.
    @Tigra and Maria – You’re braver than I am! lol

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