New Additions to the Clive Barker Store!

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In a newsletter released today by the Real Clive Barker Store, it was announced that new additions have been added to the web-store, including a new t-shirt, over a dozen new pieces of original art, and two perfume oil sets.

The first addition listed in the newsletter is for a new t-shirt from the Hellraiser: Anthology Volume One, titled Pin-occhio (of the titular story from said anthology). It features an illustration by Riley Schmitz of the Pinocchio character, with desultory pins in his head and holding a Lament Configuration. It’s priced for $25 and ranges in size from Small to XX-Large. The Newsletter, too, hints at the character’s inevitable return in Volume Two, writing, “Before he returns for Volume 2, we are celebrating this cute little guy with his own T-Shirt!” You can purchase the shirt here: https://www.realclivebarker.com/product/pin-occhio-t-shirt/.

The second addition to the store is a plethora of new original Clive Barker artwork—over 13 new pieces! They vary in design, from loose black-and-white line drawings, to very detailed, full-color paintings, and each is absolutely fantastic!  Prices on these newest additions range from $350 to $750—the $750 piece is a painting of a shattered Commexo Kid from Clive Barker’s Abarat series, possibly giving us a glimpse of what’s to come in either Abarat IV or V. Two of these new pieces have been purchased so far (both by yours truly) and more are sure to go quickly. So make sure you hurry and snatch up these beauties before they’re gone! Remember, these are originals, not prints, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. All original art can be viewed and purchased here: https://www.realclivebarker.com/product-category/original-artwork/.

Lastly, two sets of scented perfume oil sets have been added, each featuring scents based on Clive Barker visual works, created by Nocturne Alchemy. Oil Set 1 features scents based on Clive’s paintings from the Imaginer art-book series, and Oil Set 2 features scents based on Clive’s beloved Tarrie Cat paintings from the Abarat series. Each set is extremely limited, and comes with a signed certificate by Clive Barker and Emerson Hart. Set 1 features seven perfumes, and costs $200, while Set 2 features five perfumes, and costs $150. Those can be purchased here, https://www.realclivebarker.com/product/nocturne-alchemy-clive-barker-perfume-oil-set/ and here, https://www.realclivebarker.com/product/nocturne-alchemy-tarrie-cat-collection/.

The rest of the newly-added original art pieces can be viewed below:

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