Clive Barker Podcast’s Scene of the Week

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Hello Everyone,

For this week’s edition of Clive Barker Podcast’s Scene of the Week, I’m still hanging out in Midian with the Breed. There’s so much to love about this movie which makes it hard to walk away from. I really dig the mythology Barker created for this universe and all the fascinating and complex characters that dwell inside it. The main antagonist Dr. Philip Decker is undoubtedly one of the more interesting out of the bunch.

Celebrated film director—and part time actor—David Cronenberg was the right person to play the role of the deranged psychiatrist who wants to destroy all breeders. He gives the character the right amount of cold, lifeless humanity to create a memorable villain that most fans have come to love as much as the Breed themselves.

The following scene—reinstated for the Director’s Cut—lets the audience know there’s something off about him in a quiet and subtle way. I love how Decker is manipulating Boone here by acting like he really cares for him. Of course we know it turns out to be bullshit. It’s to bad the scene was cut from the released version because it shows the relationship between the characters which I think would’ve been beneficial for the movie because it gives us a brief insight into their history before the scene in Decker’s office.