Clive Barker Podcast’s Scene of the Week

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Hello Everyone,

For this week’s edition of Clive Barker Podcast’s Scene of the Week, I decided to take a trip down to Cabrini Green where the horrors of the Candyman film franchise first started.

Possibly the best Clive Barker screen adaptation made from his classic Books of Blood short story collection, Candyman is both a visceral and haunting film going experience. I remember watching it for the first time in my cramped bedroom on small TV set and being completely enthralled–and terrified–by the graphic images that unfolded before me. There are a lot of classic horror moments on display here, but the one that has stuck with me over the years is the scene where Candyman kills the Psychotherapist.

Director Bernard Rose does an excellent job of creating a false sense of security for the viewer. You feel safe in the presence of this well-meaning doctor who wants to help Helen. The music by Philip Glass also plays a role in this deception. It’s very calm as Helen calls for Candyman, and it slowly begins to trail off when she thinks he’s not going to come and then BAM! The doctor begins to cough up blood as Candyman rises up from behind him gutting him for groin to gullet. I was surprised the MPAA let this scene slide with so much gore? The red stuff is literally painting the walls.