Hellraiser Anthology Vol. 2 in June? UPDATED

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UPDATE: Hellraiser Anthology will not be available this Summer, according to a correction from Seraphim, Ink.  It may be available in the fall or as late as 2018.  There was a misunderstanding due to the wording in the May update email from the Real Clive Barker Store.  


You never know with indie publishing efforts, when or if something is going to come out, but we were first excited to see the cover of Hellraiser Anthology to notice that it had the subtitle, “Volume 1”.

In an email from the Real Clive Barker Store, from their May Update they hinted that Volume 2 may be here as early as June in preparation for sale at other local (California) conventions.


The Clive Barker store, is gearing up for more California conventions – Sinister Creature Con in June, Midsummer Scream in July and Son of Monsterpalooza in September, so we are planning lots more Clive Barker merchandise. Including a second volume of the Hellraiser Anthology, Pin-Occhio Tees, Many kinds of pin badges, and so much more! If there is some Barker-related merch you would like to see, let us know at info@realclivebarker.com


Did you love the Hellraiser Anthology as much as we did?  In Episode 135 “Are You Teasing Us?”  we gave you a preview of the comic, and talked about how much we loved it, but we haven’t gotten to talk on the Podcast yet about how much we love the hardcover physical release, now that we have that, and we’re looking forward to volume 2.

Other stuff teased in the email were Nightbreed pendants, Pin-Occhio T-Shirts, pin badges and new original art by Clive.  I wish I was in California.