141: A-Z And the Duels of Blood (Part 4)

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In this new episode of the Clive Barker Podcast we (Jose and Ryan) continue our coverage of the BBC TV Show Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror and its companion book edited by Stephen Jones (Shadows in Eden, Nightbreed Chronicles, Hellraiser Chronicles) as well as the recently completed Round 3 of the Duels of Blood. Did you vote? Tell us who is your favorite and what do you think about the matches so far and who will win the final round!

Join us and watch the TV Show, the playlist for all 6 episodes Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror

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Show Notes

Clive Barker News

Kickstarter Update

 Duels of Blood V2 End of Round 3 / Round 4 Start

Discussion of Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror (1997 Harper Prism)  (J, K, L)

  • From the TV Show Episode 4  Clive Barker’s A-Z Of Horror S01E04 “Broken Homes”
    • (E for Escape) The suburbs and Halloween – John Carpenter and Debra Hill
    • (J for Japan) Tetsuo the iron man (played a little Godzilla music) Tetsuo II Body Hammer  Godzilla VS. Hedorah
    • (I for Innocents) Evil Children.  Ramsey Campbell,  Wes Craven, 1956 – The Bad Seed
    • (K is for Killing Joke)  Grand Guignol

Coming Up Next

  • The Body Book
  • More A-Z  of Horror
  • Gods and Monsters Commentary

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  1. Tigra Maria

    But don’t justify Urself, Guys!

    Humanity was always looking 4 victims … just another question … what do U really want to have or see in Ur Life? Philosophy is also can be vague & transmitted in different ways ?

    XXX Maria

    • José Armando Leitão

      Hi Maria! Well, I think that’s a powerful sentence, that humanity was always looking for victims. I think unfortunately that sounds accurate enough, since the dawn of mankind, the guy with the biggest stick would take what he wanted and become the ruler of the tribe. But nowadays we know better. It’s still the guy with most money and weapons that takes what he wants, but now we want our leaders to be someone who can think of the common good. as well, otherwise we’re just following a bully.
      What do I really want to have seen in my life? A few things come to mind: the rise of better therapies to treat cancer and cure it altogether, a world without conflict and a change of mind in our society that will allow it to embrace difference and diversity instead of using those as wedges to tear us apart. We already have a lot in common with each other. It’s the differences that we still use as an excuse to dislike them. While some may be irreconcilable, it’s the outer differences that still do the most harm, the ones no one can change or prevent. Race, sexual orientation, language, the place where we’re born.

  2. Tigra Maria

    Sorry, I do misprints very often, cause in hurry, like always. Urzelves (wanted to tell).
    Anyways, nice to receive such an unfolded answer. U R not the One, who talks about Cancer.
    I know some comrades ?
    What else? Nobody believes me, but I have another dreams, maybe they R not even terrestrial.
    Time will show ? Meow!

    P.S. B4, I guess, I meet fashists etc ?

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