Rawhead Rex 4K Restoration by Kino Lorber

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Hello Friends:

It seems Rawhead Rex is getting a new 4K restoration! Kino Lorber Studio Classics just announced that Rawhead Rex will be coming out this Fall in time for Halloween, on “Special Edition” DVD and Blu-ray. Personally, I think this is a less than stellar adaptation of a Clive Barker script, (maybe due for a remake under Clive’s production ‘wing’ somehow) but on the other hand, my love for Cinema and obscure movies agrees with salvaging movies in the transition from VHS/Laserdisc to DVD and beyond to Blu-Ray. I hate the idea of movies being left behind lost on obsolete formats, because even though a lot of those movies that don’t make the transition are pretty awful, there are still a few gems that fall into obscurity. Whether this is one of those (or not) just because Clive Barker‘s name is on it, I’ll leave it up to you.

We’ll be adding more news about it, as a release date/pre-order price is announced.

Tell us what you think about this new release below, and what’s your favorite scene from this movie!

Thanks to author Paul Flewitt for the news link.

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  1. Rob Ridenour

    Yeah, I agree Jose. I’m not buying this! It does a strong disservice to the original story. I just couldn’t do it.

  2. Ryan Danhauser

    I think I would buy it, just for a high-definithion version of the movie. We talked a little about this on the podcast, but I think they should have bundled Transmutations / Underworld in there for free.

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