Do you like Literary Analysis of Clive Barker?

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Because there are now two available.  First up is Clive Barker Dark Imaginer, published by Manchester University Press in the UK, this is a 280 page hardcover for  £70.00, and for some reason the e-book is  £84.00.  Reportedly there will be a paperback for much less later on. Clive Barker Dark Imaginer is..

an extensive introduction and twelve groundbreaking essays that critically reevaluate Barker’s oeuvre. These include in-depth analyses of his celebrated and lesser known novels, short stories, theme park designs, screen and comic book adaptations, film direction and production, sketches and book illustrations, as well as responses to his material from critics and fan communities. Clive Barker: Dark imaginer reveals the breadth and depth of Barker’s distinctive dark vision, which continues to fascinate and flourish.

Next up, if you love Weaveworld like we do, you might want to check out the blog The Filaments of Fiction: Beth Lewis on Weaveworld.  Written back in October 2016, Beth dives deeply into Weaveworld, and why it is special to her.

If you want to hear our Podcasts about Weaveworld, they are episode 48 and episode 49.


Special thanks again to Clive Barker Revelations Facebook page.