New Photos of Clive’s Pinhead Design

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Remember on March 22 we had an article about why you might want to visit Monsterpalooza  at the Pasadena Convention Center: one of the big ones was this new design concept of Pinhead — conceived by Clive Barker and implemented by Chris Alex and Stephen Imhoff Jr. with a bald-headed friend of the show and Occupy Midian soldier, Christian Francis modeling. Here’s a link to Episode 20 when we talked with him.

Please note, the above images are a gallery.  Click them to advance the pictures. Sorry, the left and right arrows are white, so they are invisible.  

This concept is cool, and I love the return of the black eyes and the gray face. It’s also not lost on us that this comes at a time when the Weinstein Company seemingly has lost interest in working with Clive Barker as we nervously await their 10th Hellraiser movie, Hellraiser Judgement, which so far has no release announcement and no trailer.

Comments on another blog seem to be directed at the outfit, which strikes me as deliberately plain and meant to keep focus on the makeup itself.  I think we can bet the costume would be much more elaborate in a movie.

This makeup seems like a way of telling the fans, ‘Hey, Clive Barker is still interested in this Hellraiser project. Why not give it a try!’  Maybe it is our voices that can change the course of Hellraiser, like it did back in 2012 with Occupy Midian.  Did you like it?  Would you like a fan movement to get Clive’s Hellraiser script made?  Let us know in the comments.

Pictures and video courtesy of Clive Barker’s Facebook page.

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  1. Rob Ridenour

    I like that. I think it would look even better on Doug. Is this the look he wanted for the proposed remake?

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