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All Podcast Episodes Restored!

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Today I finally got the last of our classic episodes, #19, restored, which is coincidentally also the last time we talked about The Great Unknown, Harry D’Amour’s First Adventure.

Here’s a bird history of podcast hosting for us.  When we started the Clive Barker Podcast, the blog site was created in Apple’s iWeb, mainly because you could set up a podcast really easily, and any episode you post to the blog automatically gets sent to iTunes.  Apple discontinued iWeb, and I monkeyed a bit with Feedburner to try to figure out how to make toy own RSS feed, but I couldn’t quite get it, so I found Podomatic.  Podomatic was free to start with, but you found out quickly that you were bottlenecked both with bandwidth and storage capacity.  I upgraded the plan at least 3 times, having run out of space several times, and once had our downloads halted because we hit some bandwidth limit.  SO We had a very expensive plan, and had to remove the first 20 episodes from the podcast feed to save space for future episodes.

A little less than a year ago I switched our podcast hosting to Libsyn, which was a little cheaper, and allowed us to have unlimited storage and bandwidth, with the only cap being how much we could upload per month.  So every month by the end I would squeeze in 1 or 2 episodes until we got those 20 back, and I just finished the last one.

So now if you want to listen to any of those older episodes, they are all in the RSS feed again, finally, after a couple years of being missing.