Clive Barker’s New Book Revealed!

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On January 18th, 2017  We told you about how a new book Scarebaby by Clive Barker was leaked on an Amazon.co.uk pre-order page, well now we’ve got the inside scoop, and we’re excited to bring this to you.

Scarebaby  is a a poem from Abarat, (And Mendelson Shape’s favorite nursery rhyme) previously only available in that book, but now it will be available in wide release by Harper Collins one year from today, April 1, 2018 as a hardcover.  The book will include introductions by Phil and Sarah Stokes of the official Clive Barker web site and Archive, along with Peggy O’Leary, who once taught Abarat at Kodiak Middle School in Kodiak Alaska.  All this plus a previously unreleased Scarebaby painting by Clive Barker.

A limited run of autographed copies will be available via www.realclivebarker.com.

It may be short, but I’m excited for this new book.  Will you be getting one?  Here’s a copy of the poem below:


Scarebaby From Abarat

Scarebaby, Scarebaby,
Where do you run?
Out in the graveyard,
to have you some fun?
Dancing with skeletons
up from the ground?
Doing a jig
On the burial mound?

Scarebaby, scarebaby,
Horrid you are!
With the wings of a bat,
and a face with a scar,
the fangs of a vampire,
the tail of a snake;
You open your mouth
and the noise that you make
is a song that the Devil sings,
Bitter and loud.
Tell me, my baby,
was your mother proud?

Scarebaby, Scarebaby,
Where do you run?
Not out in the morning,
Not out in the sun,
You live on my nightmares.
You hide from the day.