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Hello and welcome to this Kickstarter Special Hangout, recorded live on Google with Ryan and José. We’ve had a fantastic Kickstarter so far and I want to thank everyone that’s been supporting us this year. You guys are the best, I hope we’ve been entertaining you, it’s certainly been fun on our end.

We broke the $2000 barrier and we’re working harder than ever to prepare all sorts of interesting episodes for you, José’s been writing a few articles for the blog to make up for Rob’s absence, and it’s made us go deeper into a few aspects of Clive Barker’s career than ever before. For example, on Part One of José’s series on The Road To The Scarlet Gospels, he’s been going through a lot of the Revelatory Interviews on, as well as other Confessions and several interviews from 1993 until 2013. Cross referencing that information has brought a much clearer view of Clive’s process writing The Scarlet Gospels, and it’s amazing how much a project can change as it evolves. From original idea to final form, it can go through a lot of stages and suffer through many traps. Anyway, I guess you’ll get a chance to read it on our blog.

I also want to thank Don Bertram for sponsoring us again for 12 episodes.

Here’s the video:


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      Thank you Don Bertram so much.

And this podcast, having no beginning, will have no end.

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