DO WE MAKE YOU UNEASY? New Exhibit feat. Clive Barker

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Hello Friends:

Via Our London, we found out about a new exhibit, titled “DO WE MAKE YOU UNEASY?” that will gather a group of artists under one exhibit, including Clive Barker and Richard A. Kirk, thanks to The Shadowood Collective, a group of dark-themed creators based in the city of London, Ontario:

This year’s featured contributors include famed writer, director, and visual artist Clive Barker, perhaps best known for the cult classic Hellraiser, and Queen’s Jubilee Medal of Honour recipient and illustrator, Anita Kunz.
“One of the artists involved in the collective is Richard Kirk, and he illustrates books for Clive Barker, and has worked with him quite a few times,” Legault explained. “We asked Clive and he said yes right away, and sent us stuff the next day.”

You learn more about this at the Our London article here, or The Arts Project page here.


Exhibition: February 7 – 18, 2017
Opening Night: Tuesday February 7, 7 – 10 p.m.
Tickets can be purchased online or at The ARTS Project’s box office (519-642-2767)