131 : Out of My Pin-head

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Hello friends, welcome to another news episode.

Today we talk about 10 minutes about what’s we’ve been doing and watching, get into the remaining backer rewards on our ongoing Kickstarter campaign (have you seen our T-Shirt design and read about the upcoming INTERVIEW BOOK?), then go into another 20 minutes about what’s new on our blog and Clive Barker news, Hellraiser: Judgement will have a theatrical release, a Hellraiser cast reunion in the short film The Offer, Clive Barker wants to help YOU make a movie, in association with Project Greenlight and Shudder, Barbie Wilde announced a surprised (it was about BLUE EYES, an upcoming feature film with Chris Alexander), and Terror Con will feature Nicholas Vince, Barbie Wilde and Simon Bamford this month in Rhode Island, so get your tickets!

We’ve also been discussing a few format changes for our show to become weekly, alternating between a news episode and a more in depth, topic episode or interview, or features like audio commentaries. Let us know if you’d like a weekly drop like this or if you’d like us to return to a longer bi-weekly episode with a news opening. This format has advantages— if we are spending more time editing a topic episode we can upload a news episode while we’re working it, and if there are date sensitive news we can release them without rushing a topic episode. We don’t like to keep interviews or topic episodes in the can, but it would be nice to have a certain backlog that we could tap into and prepare things with a little more time. So let us know.

On the Site:
• On Rob leaving the podcast:

All the cool stuff from our ONGOING Kickstarter Campaing! Check it out!!!

Clive Barker News:

• Hellraiser Judgement may have a theatrical release?

• Short film The Offer, loaded with Hellbound reunion cast:
Hellraiser fans – check out our new 30 minute horror short shooting in April featuring Hellraiser alumni Simon Bamford (Butterball), Nicholas Vince (Chatterer), Barbie Wilde (Female Cenobite), Kenneth Cranham (Channard) with make-up effects by Stuart Conran (Hellraiser/Hellbound) Please like and share!

• Terror Con in Rhode Island will have Hellraiser cast guests:

Develop a Film with Clive Barker / Project Greenlight / Shudder (From 2/13 to 3/17)
Here’s a Craigslist ad, asking for extras to shoot the promo for this show.


And this podcast, having no beginning, will have no end.

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