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Barbie Wilde’s “Blue Eyes”: A Film by Chris Alexander

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Hello Friends!

Remember yesterday’s Facebook teaser from Barbie Wilde? (previously a guest in the @Barkercast episodes #026 and #104.)

Ryan and I were debating yesterday what this might be, and we speculated on this weekend’s upcoming news episode that it might be a new book or anthology of short stories.
Turns out it’s even better! We received a press release from Barbie and here’s her reveal post today for BLUE EYES!

Gazza Hunt is a man living on the edge, a man whose life has been battered down by bum luck and bad decisions and who has simply given up.

Homeless, hopeless and wracked by addiction, Gazza’s desperate existence is interrupted one night when, wandering in the woods, he follows a glowing blue light to a freshly dug hole in the earth where he finds an ethereal, nude sleeping beauty, perfect in every way. But, as Gazza soon learns, this woman isn’t asleep. She’s dead. And yet somehow Gazza is still uncontrollably drawn to her…this blue girl…with those blue eyes…

Executive Producers Chris Alexander and Barbie Wilde are proud to announce their new feature length horror film project Blue Eyes, starring electronic music legend, performance artist and actor Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Queen of Blood). Blue Eyes will be directed by Chris Alexander (Blood for Irina, Queen of Blood, Female Werewolf and the upcoming Blood Dynasty), with a script written by Alexander and Barbie Wilde, based on an original story by Wilde.

Soon they’ll announce a Kickstarter project to crowdfund this movie. In the meantime, follow Blue Eyes on Twitter and their Facebook page.

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