Shipping Update for Great and Secret Show

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Hello Friends:

If you’re on the Dark Regions Press mailing list, you may have gotten their latest shipping update for the Great And Secret Show’s Deluxe lettered traycased hardcovers.

As of writing this 99% of domestic orders for the signed and numbered hardcover of The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker have shipped. United Kingdom orders are being staged for a mass shipment to our UK fulfillment provider by the end of this week.
Deluxe lettered traycased hardcovers will be shipped as soon as we receive the traycases from the publisher which we anticipate to happen by next week. Expect deluxe lettered editions of The Great and Secret Show to start shipping in the beginning of February.
If you ordered one of our Clive Barker packs that includes The Body Book this will be shipping to you when The Body Book is in stock by March.
Have you received your hardcover yet? Share a pic of it in the comments!