On Rob Leaving the Podcast

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Hello Friends:

As you may know, during the first Podcast Episode of 2017,  129: 2016 In Review,  Rob announced he was leaving the @Barkercast, after he had left Facebook a few weeks earlier, to pursue different opportunities and start new future plans. Today I decided to put into words what I told him at the end of the episode.

I’ve known Rob Ridenour for probably the best part of 10 years. We first connected online on the forum of a now defunct website called The Hellbound Web, a website for the Hellraiser film fan community created by Matt Rexer, aka +tripps. He’s always been a really cool guy.

Rob has always been a pretty open person, and I think we’ve kept in touch this long because of that. Even though we spent a couple years away after I left the Hellbound Web, we reconnected through Facebook and pretty much stayed in constant contact for the last few years. Hopefully we’ll be able to hang out in the near future, and watch some movies.

Rob’s enthusiasm and desire to get into the film making world is a passion he’s had since I’ve known him (he generally knows more about movies than I do), and he’s devoted a lot of time reporting on news on the @Barkercast, putting us on the map as not just another nerd culture podcast, but another news outlet by fans, for the fans. His insight on our podcast episodes was also very refreshing and offered a different vision that often I had never thought about before. Our present backer reward #13, a @Barkercast T-Shirt started as his original idea, a man facing an island with 3 giant eyes looking down upon him. Here’s how the design turned out:

Life takes a lot of turns and our priorities change to make room for other interests and needs. It’s how we move forward, how we better ourselves, how we explore new paths and make new friends. We shouldn’t mourn our past experiences that we moved on from: They are part of us forever— it just means we’ve had our fill and are ready for the next adventure!

Staying in the same spot can stagnate things if we’re not careful. We are lucky when we have enough good friends to keep us motivated and ambitious. I wish my friend Rob all the best in his future projects, whether private or public, I know we’re still staying in touch almost daily. And we’ll continue to pester you to come on the show and discuss Hellraiser Judgement with us!

Thank you for all the time you gave the Clive Barker Podcast, Rob! We wish you well on all your future endeavours!
Keep watching our YouTube Channel for the first episode of our upcoming “The History of Hellraiser Bloodline” minidoc. Rob helped out a lot with deep research and his analysis of the script.