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Kickstarter Campaign Update #2

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Hello Friends:

Well, it’s the second day of the campaign and we’re amazed at the momentum you guys gave it, bringing us in one day close to where we got last year during most of the campaign. As I write this, we’re at $1,168 today. We will make the interview book a reality! How exciting is that? We have hours and hours of interview episodes accumulated over the years with a lot of people like Nicholas Vince, Barbie Wilde, Simon Bamford, Mark Miller, Russell Cherrington, Michael Plumides, Thomas Negovan, and even Clive Barker (by email) for episode #100. Podcasts are fun and easy to listen to, but the digital format is limited to having a working computer, servers; an internet connection to download them. A book is an analogue way to store all this information, and a physical thing we can own and read whenever and wherever we are. No need for power outlets, internet or player devices. It’s something you can hold in your hands instead of a computer file. We’re very happy this will become a reality and we’ll continue transcribing episodes for this project. It will be available as a hardcover, but also as an e-book in case you’re more comfortable with that format.

You’ve powered through 11 stretch goals right now, helping us create a line up of episodes for 2017. We’re always open to suggestions and requests so keep that in mind: feedback makes us grow and makes our shows more in tune with what you want. Please consider all the backer rewards still available as well: they were kindly donated by the good people of Seraphim, as well as the Century Guild Museum of Art, and some even come from Ryan’s own personal collection.

Ryan’s been the showrunner and the person who keeps the roof over everything in this project – he’s really the Man. My brother from another mother, he’s been an amazing friend. I would also like to mention Rob Ridenour, who recently left the podcast to pursue some life changes. He helped put us on the map as not just another nerd podcast but a news outlet by the fans, for the fans. Thanks Rob! He’s behind the main concept for The T-shirt design we have available as Reward #13, check it out. A lot of rewards are one-of-a-kind, but we have plenty of posters and t-shirts made to order for the kickstarter, so if you want one, this is your first chance. Let us know if you’d like these t-shirts to be available outside the Kickstarter as well. We really tried hard to make a good-looking product.

Thanks for all the support so far! Please keep it up, Kickstarter fees take a big chunk of the pledges. We do spend a lot of hours working for the show, and it’s mostly free work done from the heart. It’s fun, it’s hard, but it’s something we do because at some point in our lives we saw a movie or read a book written by this Clive Barker fellow and thought to ourselves: “Huh. This was pretty good. I wonder if I can find more.” A bookshelf later, surrounded by DVDs, plushies, figurines and art books, that missing piece in our brain begins to feel more at peace, satisfied, whole. We dream of Quiddity and we sail the seas of Izabella in our dreams, we smell the leather and we think of musical boxes and we put pen to paper and paint to canvas because Clive Barker inspires us to do it, because Art is the remedy of the soul.

Join us!