Kickstarter Campaign Update #1

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Hello Friends:

Please go to our KICKSTARTER PROJECT page to support us throughout 2017 and read the campaign updates we’ve been putting out if you’re a backer or if you just want to know what’s going on! They’re public!

Update #1: Unveiling: T-Shirt 2017 is HERE!

Hello Friends!

In a little over an hour we had reached our initial goal! You all came through again to support us and we thank you from the bottom of our heart. This has been an amazing day so far, and the hand-painted t-shirt by Clive Barker was already snatched within that first couple of hours by a lucky collector. Good job!

Last night we had a placeholder picture for Reward #13, our exclusive design for the @Barkercast T-shirt 2017, but now after a few tweaks and behind the scenes collaboration, here it is.

The design came from an original idea by our former co-host Rob Ridenour, who dreamt of an island with 3 giant eyes looking down upon a man. We got to work and came up with a few sketches and as usual, the design went through a few iterations until we finished it a preliminary version last year.

Now that the kickstarter is live and over the last few days, we finally completed the design and we are unveiling it on the first day. The color will be sand, to go with the ‘nautical’ theme of it, and because it wouldn’t work better as a negative white image on black. It’s a complex design and I hope it will render well but we went through a lot of hours of work to create this faux-woodcut image:


Thank you to all our listeners and backers!
– José Leitão