Shipping Now: The Great and Secret Show Deluxe Special Edition

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In our last podcast episode we were wondering when or if copies of The Great and Secret Show Deluxe Special Edition had shipped in 2016.  Not quite, but close!  According to Dark Regions Press it’s shipping right now.

According to Dark Regions Press, the Deluxe edition ($300.00) is out of stock, but there are 12 remaining of the  Numbered edition ($75.00).  You can also get both editions bundled with The Body Book and the Midnight Meat Train.

Bonus material includes:

  • All editions will feature Clive Barker cover art expressly drawn for the book
  • Brand new Barker black and white interior illustrationsThanks, too, for the generosity of Phil and Sarah Stokes for:
  • Handwritten pages from Barker’s first draft of the novel
  • Notes (along with Bradbury-like doodles) from Barker
  • Pages with Barker’s handwritten corrections from the first typed draft of the book

Did you order a copy?  Let us know in the comments.